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The goal of the DSEC 2025 is to review and discuss the latest innovations of Drivetrains and Machine Elements together with their virtual development using System Engineering methods.


Systems Engineering:

- Seamless Model-Based Product Development

- Product Development for Circular Economy

- System Models and Model Libraries

- Functional Safety

- AI Application in Product Development

- Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

- Digital Product Passport

- SysMLv2 -A Step Closer to Application?

- MBSE in Practical Application


Drivetrain Technology:

- Sustainable Drivetrain Concepts

- Performance and Efficiency

- AI-Supported Condition Assessment 

- Predictive Maintenance

- Noise Vibration Harshness

- Digital Twin for Multiple Purposes

- Electrification of Drivetrains

- Integration of Batteries/Fuel Cells/Electrolyzers


Machine Elements:

- Bearings, Sealings, Gears, Couplings, etc.

- Wear, Fatigue, Friction and Electric Loads

- Surface Engineering

- Material-Lubricant Interactions

- Sensor Integration and Digitalization

- Modeling for Systems Engineering


Important Deadlines

- April 30th, 2024: Deadline for Abstracts

- September 15th, 2024: Deadline for Research Papers (Peer-Reviewed Springer Publication)

- January 15th, 2025: Deadline for Application Papers (Non-peer-reviewed Conference Proceeding)


Information for Submission

Please use the online portal to submit your abstract.

All abstracts will be submitted to the DSEC Board for selection.

The conference will be held in English.

Each presenter will be allocated 20 minutes  for presentation plus 5 minutes for discussion.

Participants will receive download links for authorized presentations after the conference.


Options for publishing

-Research Papers (Peer-Reviewed Springer Publication)

- Application Papers (Non-peer-reviewed Conference Proceeding)


Speaker Fees

Discounted rates of € 320 plus VAT, including catering during breaks, participation in the evening event and a peer-reviewed journal publication.