Center Systems Engineering

The Center for Systems Engineering (CSE) of RWTH Aachen University pursues the goal of developing and holistically testing the key technologies required for the future product development process. Highly iterative, agile and partially automated product development is made possible by linking the individual development steps and the development tools used. The model-based development of technical systems is the fundamental basis for complete digitalization and automation. The work of the CSE focuses on the future investigation and introduction of model-based system development in various industries.

The Center for Systems Engineering operates under the scientific direction of Prof. Georg Jacobs, Prof. Bernhard Rumpe and Prof. Günther Schuh. It was founded by the Institute for Machine Elements and System Development, the Chair of Computer Science 3 (Software Engineering) and the Machine Tool Laboratory WZL.

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Center for Wind Power Drives

The Center for Wind Power Drives (CWD) conducts research and consulting activities in the field of drive technology for wind turbines. This includes in particular the design and layout of the overall system and its components, in particular the fluid mechanical properties of the rotor, the mechanical properties of the drive train and the electrical properties of the generator and power electronics. The focus is on the analysis and optimization of the system configuration with regard to system availability, efficiency and the development of test methods for test bench-based analysis of the overall system.

In order to ensure the practical orientation of the above-mentioned activities and the efficient transfer of research results into practice, we cooperate with industrial companies in the wind energy sector, in particular with manufacturers of wind turbines and their components.

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FVA Software & Service

Founded in 2010, FVA GmbH works hand-in-hand with top-level German research institutions and leading companies from the drive technology industry toward the practical application of knowledge gained from FVA research projects. Based on more than 50 years of research, our groundbreaking products and services make innovative development processes possible for the advancement of the entire industry.

FVA GmbH is a joint venture between FVA  e.V. (Research Association for Drive Technology) and VDMA Services GmbH within VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, the Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers Association).

interop4X is a brand of FVA GmbH.

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